Sony G Master Brand Professional Full-Frame Lenses

The new G Master brand includes three new E-mount full-frame lenses for professional photographers.

Google Translate Gets New Features

Google has introduced Tap to Translate on Android to enhance the Google translate feature for users.

Land Rover is planning an off-road Smartphone

British automotive brand Jaguar Land Rover is all set to launch smartphones and accessories by early 2017.

The Rolls-Royce of Smartphones Can Be Yours in 2016 for 10 grand

The “most advanced mobile device with highest privacy settings” is being built in a quiet corner in Israel.

Twitter Eyeing Japan for Revenue From Data for Businesses

Twitter has its eyes on Japan, with its 35 million users, to make money from companies eager to use Twitter data.

Magic Leap’s AR Device to Compete With Microsoft’s Hololens

Microsoft’s augmented reality (AR) device Hololens will soon have a competitor in Magic Leap.

Australia Launches New Cyber Security Strategy Worth $180 Million

The plan would be implemented over the next four years.

Facebook Launches Group Calling on Messenger

The features allows you to add 50 participants to a call.

Will the tattoos of the future be nano-screens on our skin?

Tattoo-like-skin; turns your body into a digital screen.

Facebook to Add News Section To its Mobile App

Facebook may soon add news section, a move that would encourage users to not surf twitter, google etc for the same.