Why The PC Market Is Soft And Why AMD Should Be Excited

Brian Krzanich, Intel’s new CEO, upon announcing an historic layoff and blaming poor PC sales performance has handed AMD one hell of an opportunity.

Qualcomm: The 2016 Generation Of Supercharged Smartphones & Tablets

This week was Qualcomm’s update on the Snapdragon 820 shipping now in volume and going into the next generation of Smartphones and some tablets for 2016.

Lenovo’s Answer To The Surface Book And Their New 27” Tablet

These two offerings clearly showcase that Lenovo is in this race to win.

Android still dominates smartphone and tablet markets

In spite of the fact that Apple had a very good rollout of their new iPhones earlier this year, Android is still the dominate platform for smartphones and tablets.

They're Surface tablets, you idiots, not iPads!

Apparently the NFL forgot to tell the announcers at football games this season that the tablets being used by coaches and players on the sidelines are Microsoft Surface tablets not iPads.

Microsoft posts huge losses on Surface sales

Analysts estimate Surface losses have almost reached $2 billion and wonder whether the new CEO has enough patience to persist.

Online news consumption outpaces newspapers

TV is still the king in the UK but online news has overtaken newspapers.

Online transactions to reach $4.7t in 2018

Juniper predicts that contactless payments and mobile transactions will double in value over the coming five years as emerging markets assert more influence.

The Coming Wave of Awesome: $100 8” Intel Powered Windows 8 Tablets

Chinese manufacturers believe that 8" tablets are the ideal size. With Intel at their backs, they are targeting unsubsidized $100 price points. Wow!

Worldwide tablet sales drop 35.7% after the holidays

People are just not that excited about tablet devices anymore or they gorged themselves during the holidays. Even taking that into consideration, year-on-year tablet sales growth for the first quarter is only 3.9% and Apple is taking the biggest hit.