Startup marketing strategy for explosive growth

When you're planning on establishing a startup business, there are a hundred and one things to think of, but don't let what seems to be a whole heap of administration get in the way of your vision.

Leverage Instagram to Fuel Brand Promotion: A Quick Book

No one had ever imagined that a photo sharing platform one day would turn into a prime destination for marketers to promote brands.

How AMD And NVIDIA Outperformed Intel

Intel has for much of the last 40 years out performed every other company in their segment but this last cycle both AMD and NVIDIA solidly beat expectations while Intel missed blaming a soft PC market (though it was their ill-advised run at Mobile that really did them in ). Realize that both AMD and NVIDIA are also PC technology vendors. Now one quarter is hardly a trend but it should be noted that there was a huge difference in market focus between these three vendors and Intel got caught making a very common recurring mistake which is why they slid and the others didn’t. And, to be clear,...

Rethinking enterprise mobile security

The digital revolution has brought great advantages to businesses but it is important to acknowledge security aspects when evaluating mobility policies.

5 Tips for Launching Your Marketing Strategy

So you’ve got a new product all set to be released. Or maybe you’re a start-up that’s finally ready to launch. Whatever stage you’re in, it’s time to start marketing your product and driving revenue.