Star Wars Marvel Comics Selling Like Crazy

Reportedly one of Marvel's Third Biggest Sellers

Jurassic World Now Third Biggest Movie of All Time

Officially beating out the Avengers twice

Benicio Del Toro Up to Play Villain in Star Wars VIII

Would make a great fit, no?

Star Wars Hits Comic-Con

Star Wars made a great impression this weekend

Star Wars Won't Reveal All at Comic-Con

Coming to San Diego this Saturday

Update on Assassin's Creed Movie

Big screen adaptation of Creed planning to hit theaters in late 2016

Gawker is Willing to Pay For a Star Wars Force Awakens Script

You'll have better luck getting access to missile launch codes

Star Wars News Roundup

Star Wars Rogue One and the second movie in the series are having some interesting developments

Star Wars Makes Another Technological Advance

Will shoot with the hottest new hi-def camera on the market

Star Wars Episode VIII Will Shoot on Film

The force is keeping celluloid alive