Happy 100,000th Space Station, a few facts

100,000 times around the world and still going.

Pluto might become a planet again

New analysis of images might help promote Pluto to planet status again.

Space probe Cassini taking a cold shower over Enceladus

Cassini will be flying close over Enceladus to take probes from the mysterious water plumes over its south pole.

NASA has a Halloween surprise for us, the asteroid 2015 TB145

The 2015 TB145 will fly past us at a "safe" distance on Halloween.

The shiny mountains of Ceres, still a mystery

Scientists are asking the public for ideas.

Observing Earth to help find another Earth

Observing Earth from a distance might help to find other habitable planets.

Tractor beams, hoverboards and MFA

The NASA is working on a tractor beam and the technology comes from a hoverboard.

Set course for 2014 MU69 commander Sulu

The New Horizon has a new mission, to observe another Kuiper Belt Object.