eBay goes down for 10th worldwide collapse in a year

eBay went down in the UK and it seems like it is a part of a disturbing trend for the site.

Here's how to make money from your social media addiction

Bonzo Me, which went live earlier this month, and Bubblews, a site that officially launched last week, following an extensive period of beta testing, want to transform the social networking landscape.

Facebook tests Buy button

Zuckerberg’s latest monetisation scheme is a one-click purchase button that allows for shopping to be integrated directly into Facebook.

FB@Work: Facebook's answer to LinkedIn

The company won't comment on the rumors but Facebook is apparently looking to waste even more of your time at work.

Facebook downtime was a half million dollar glitch

$500,000 is the ad revenue that Zuckerberg and co missed out on as the site outage spread. Chump change.

This week’s Facebook outage is a reminder that we live in an applications economy

Facebook is at the heart of delivering applications to a generation of content-hungry consumers, who expect short, intense experiences and flawless execution when they engage with brands.

Facebook launches Slingshot and pulls it immediately

Slingshot was supposed to be Facebook's answer to Snapchat. But it made a mistake in the launch.