Instagram Stories, a kind of Snapchat

New feature gives Instagram users the option to make pictures and videos disappear automatically after 24 hours.

Going Social: How Technology has Made Us More Interactive

Cast your minds back a decade or so and you'd probably hear anyone over the age of 40 saying something like: "the Internet has made people less social"

A Spaniard Bought A Nissan On Twitter

Shopping on the internet and using Twitter are two widespread and common online activities. A Spanish Twitter user, Raul Escolano, took online shopping a step further and challenged car dealers to sell him a car only using social media, using the hashtag #compraruncocheportwitter ("Buy a car on Twitter"). A Nissan Dealer ( Antamotor ) answered his call and even gave him a personal real time tour of a Nissan X-Trail using the Periscope app. Escolano also used social media to help with his decision by posting a poll on Twitter, asking his followers to rate the models he had shortlisted. The X-...

Three Strategies to Protect Your Social Accounts from Hackers

We use our social accounts for so much more than personal connections these days – business contacts, friends, and far-away family members aren’t the only ones looking for you on Facebook and other popular sites.

How to Break Your Teen Out of the Tech Trance

If you’re asked where your teen is right now and what they are doing, you’d probably say “They are in their room using Facebook, streaming videos, or playing games”.

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Too many people are sharing content without actually reading or delving deeper into it, says a new study.

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Is this an anti-viral marketing campaign?

Twitter Drives Just 1.5% of Traffic to Media Websites: Study

The study by found that Twitter may not be doing as much to disseminate news as previously thought.