The truth about apps: users are rich

A new report by Comcast reveals the state of the US app market and while some facts are understandable others may surprise you.

New York Courts inconsistent on social media evidence discovery

New York Attorney Arkady Bukh discusses New York Courts vs. Social Media Evidence Discovery.

Facebook brings free Internet services to Zambia

Last week Facebook rolled out a new free service app in Zambia,

40% of workers ignore social media bans at work

A recent study has found that 40 percent of office workers in the EU say they've ignored restrictions on using social media at work.

New Russian censorship law goes into effect

New Russian regulations go into effect, making anonymous blogging illegal and require social networks to register with national media regulator.

Twitter trying out new feature: "retweet with comment"

Is this end of quote tweet. New feature is being tested with a select group of users.

Facebook downtime was a half million dollar glitch

$500,000 is the ad revenue that Zuckerberg and co missed out on as the site outage spread. Chump change.

Twitter trolls are a problem that need solving

Twitter's global head of online safety says the company wants to do more about the criticisms made of the company.

Social media makes you smarter – SRSLY?

Seems like the boffins at the University of Michigan have decided that the more you Tweet, text, msg, post, etc. the more intelligent you become. They believe that the more you interact with other people the smarter you get.

Attract customers not search engines

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking an SEO-centric overhaul of your site (that results in an uptick of page views) is all you need to do. While it’s hard to argue with an analytics graph showing rising numbers of visitors to your site you have to ask yourself ‘are all your efforts really attracting new customers or search engines?’