Uber Pays $100 Mn to Settle Lawsuit But There Are No Guarantees

The lawsuit had claimed that Uber drivers are employees and thus entitled to reimbursement of expenses.

Robot Block Party in Silicon Valley

More than 20 robotics companies are showing off their latest offerings.

San Francisco's war against Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley's rich employees are the unwelcome refugees to San Francisco

It's a street fight and Silicon Valley beats Hollywood

The difference between Hollywood and Silicon Valley is quite simple: Hollywood wants to believe that it cares deeply about our humanity and Silicon Valley would be quite happy to do away with as much of it as possible.

Apple CEO and company celebrate at San Francisco Pride Parade

Led by CEO Tim Cook, thousand of Apple employees supported diversity and equal rights by attending the San Francisco Pride Parade last weekend.

Address-based storage is the past: Introducing content-centric storage

We spoke to Arun Agarwal, co-founder and CEO of Infinio, about why a content-centric approach to storage is the most intelligent perspective from which to view the future of storage.