Can Apple really change the world?

After Apple’s recent announcements, pundits are beginning to say things like Apple will revolutionize the phablet, smart watch and NFC markets.

Samsung press event set for September 3 - Galaxy Note the date

The next Note phablet will be revealed at almost exactly the same time it was last year, with the screen size expected to stay the same, but the resolution upped.

iPhone 6 set to go on sale Tuesday 14 October

According to the latest rumour, Apple is set to spring its new iPhone on a Tuesday, not a Friday, in the middle of October.

Has Apple dropped Sapphire Glass from iPhone 6 plans?

It appears that the iPhone 6 might not boast a sapphire glass display, after all – or at least not to begin with, according to the latest piece of gossip on the Apple smartphone front.

Is Apple delaying iPhone 6 phablet on purpose?

According to the latest rumour, the larger 5.5in iPhone 6 delay due to Apple’s sales strategy.

Apple's iPhone 6 "phablet" delayed: so what?

The problem seems to be in manufacturing of the case and glass, problems that don't seem to be impacting the "rumored" 4.7 inch iPhone 6.