Police and government confused and frightened by encryption

Police, the FBI and others in the government express concerns about Apple’s and Google’s implementation of encryption.

Too many consumers leaving banking details on multiple mobile devices

A new report has found that consumers are laying out way too much personal information for hackers.

Now it's PayPal's turn: two factor authentication is hackable

An Australian teenager has found a way to get around a security feature that is offered by PayPal to prevent hackers doing just that.

Loophole in PayPal is a "license to print money" for hackers

Convicted of hacking into NASA and the Pentagon computers, the former hacker has figured out how to use PayPal to double your money.

So change your eBay and PayPal passwords already

Earlier today eBay admitted that the names, email addresses, birth dates, encrypted passwords, physical addresses and phone numbers of 145 million customers were stolen. I bet they feel kinda stupid.