Apple: Where Is the Innovation!?

Not only is Apple suffering from a major lack of hardware innovation but is also losing on the software front.

The 3 reasons why I love Kim Kardashian

I know. This seems like click bait but isn't any mention of the Kardashians nothing more than a desperate cry to be noticed.

Ditching Windows: liberating your computing experience

Microsoft may be getting on to Windows 9 soon, but it's time to move on for the greater good.

Is the Internet of Things the most over-hyped technology ever?

According to analysts at Gartner, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the most over-hyped technology ever and the bubble of expectation is soon going to burst.

Weaponizing cats: one hacker takes it too far

We are shocked. Shocked, we say. Warkitteh turned a household cat into an unwitting hacker's accomplice. Cats, hacker humor, Wifi security.

It's a street fight and Silicon Valley beats Hollywood

The difference between Hollywood and Silicon Valley is quite simple: Hollywood wants to believe that it cares deeply about our humanity and Silicon Valley would be quite happy to do away with as much of it as possible.