Microsoft To Lay Off Most of Former Nokia Employees

The IT giant announced that it will cut 4700 jobs globally by the end of the year.

Nokia Finally Returning to the Mobile Phone Market

The popular brand is finally set to adopt Android for its phones.

Why Android is a blessing

How would have smartphones developed if Android hadn't shown up?

Nokia, alive and kicking

Nokia branches out before returning to the mobile market next year

The Phone whisperer: using sound to charge mobile phones

According to Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), it may be possible to charge your smartphone with sound.

Microsoft to ship $25 Nokia dumbphone

Microsoft will be shipping a new Nokia handset for $25, but it won’t include Internet access, or a camera, or a keyboard or...

Nokia looking for Android workers

According to LinkedIn job openings, Nokia is looking for developers with Android experience, is Microsoft's experiment with Android still alive?

Microsoft doesn't want to do Nokia Android smartphones

Redmond is ending Nokia’s Android experiment rather abruptly, just shortly after the launch of the Nokia X2 handset.

Microsoft’s rumoured technology bringing new gesture controls to mobile

Nokia’s could be the first customer for its rumored McLaren mobile phone.

Nokia adds Desti AI to travel planning

Nokia’s HERE division has announced that they will be incorporating newly acquired Desti technology into their maps hopefully giving travelers a more personalized travel planning experience.