Controling Your Phone With Your Eyes

GazeCapture gathers data that will help researchers track eye movement to within half a centimetre.

Managing BYOD's downsides, the right way

Bringing personal devices to the workplace is the new normal but, despite the benefits, there are still hidden risks and costs that need to be closely managed.

Yelp adds video capability for reviews

Yelp reviewers will be able to add 3-12 second videos as well as images using a new iOS app. Android version coming along soon.

Making a great "mobile first" app, the right way

What does it mean to be truly "mobile first, why is it important, and how do you do it right?

Mobile app of the day: Boxes

It’s hard to describe Boxes in a nutshell: Home inventory, stock list, mood board, décor researcher – it’s all that and more.

This is a simple way to create you own delivery app

If you wanted to create a delivery business for your business without any coding skills then British company Preoday has your back.

This week’s Facebook outage is a reminder that we live in an applications economy

Facebook is at the heart of delivering applications to a generation of content-hungry consumers, who expect short, intense experiences and flawless execution when they engage with brands.

Building a mobile app? Users needed to be engaged and fast

Business that want to take advantage of the mobile web need to make sure their apps work well and fast. Research shows that consumers just don't have much patience.