The Young Homeowners Guide To Managing Money

If you’re just about to move into your first home here are some tips for handling your money so that you can enjoy being homeowner with as little stress as possible.

Who helps the help desk?

Once upon a time we would have asked, “who shaves the barber?” but times have changed.

How Technology Is Changing The Way We Communicate In Business

Over the last 25 years, technology has dramatically changed the way we communicate in business. Cast your mind back to the early 1990s and you might remember a heavy reliance on telephones (predominantly fixed to the desk as mobile phones were cumbersome and expensive), fax machines and a mountain of a paperwork. If you wanted to speak to a colleague, you had to get up from your desk, and, if you needed to have a long chat with a client, you were well-advised to just get in the car. But now, technology has changed everything. With the advent of the internet and its use becoming commonplace in...