The New Engineering Entrepreneurship

What you should, but most probably didn't, know about crowdfunding.

CHIP, a nine dollar computer with impressing specs

A little computer with a big punch, the best thing after Raspberry Pi.

Get your name on the Moon

For $29 Project Moonspike will send your name to the Moon.

DreamMe, sleeping with your smartphone

DreamMe, justify sleeping with your phone.

LightFreq takes just four days to smash $50,000 Kickstarter goal

The combined light bulb and HD speaker topped the target in double quick time and it means that production of the light bulb is well on track for its February 2015 launch.

Investors back Dizmo's sci-fi UI with $2 million

Bring on Tom Cruise and the Minority Report user interface.

Kickstarter simplifies rules and fast tracks launches

Kickstarter has announced that they are simplifying the rules that fledgling entrepreneurs must adhere to and making it easier for people to launch new projects with a feature called Launch Now.

The Energi 2K: a wall charger that is also an extra battery

TYLT is one company who knows how to take full advantage of Kickstarter and is building a great reputation for itself on the platform. Here's one way they do it.