Apple updates their iOS update

iOS 8.0.2 was released yesterday barely 24 hours after the iOS 8.0.1 release broke people’s iPhones.

Apple haters get plenty to chuckle about

There have been a LOT of glowing stories about the new iPhones and iOS 8 but there have also been a number of stories that have a lot of anti-Apple folks chuckling.

Apple claims even they can’t crack an iOS 8 device

In a post on the Apple website yesterday the company claimed that they won’t comply with government warrants to unlock devices running the new iOS 8, because they can’t.

iPhone 6 launch scheduled for mid-September (probably)

The Apple iPhone 6 launch event is being tentatively scheduled for the second or third week of September.

Apple's countdown to iPhone 6 release continues with iOS 8 beta 4

The latest version will include a smattering of new features designed for the new OS and follows a timeline that has so far seen a new version released every few weeks.

Apple's ‘City Tours’ in Maps unearthed by iOS 8 developer

In iOS 8 a new features allows a user to play the tourist, stop off at landmarks and tour the city.

Will the iPhone 6 predict the weather? Could be.

The gossip mongers of the web think that the iPhone 6 will have a barometer just like a Galaxy Nexus.