5 Big Things That Didn’t Take Off In 2015

As we come to the end of 2015 there are five things that didn’t really take off like the industry seemed to think they would.

Confusion may be the friend of autonomous cars and IoT

Proprietary protocols, competing formats and chaos may help protect self-driving cars and IoT devices from hackers.

Can security companies control the IoT world?

There is another category of player in the IoT environment that is beginning to emerge as a possible coordinator of multiple smart devices - home security providers.

Consortium, proprietary or platform agnostic? Who will control IoT?

There are so many competing 'standards' in the world of IoT that it's hard to see who might emerge as the winner.

Samsung buys SmartThings home automation company

SmartThings has announced that the home automation company has been purchased by Samsung.

Investors back Dizmo's sci-fi UI with $2 million

Bring on Tom Cruise and the Minority Report user interface.

The upside to home automation

Complete home automation may have gotten off to a rocky start – companies have been trying to integrate appliances and electronics for dozens of years. I’ve been skeptical and even critical of the idea in previous posts, but I can see an upside too.

The downside to home automation

Apple may announce that they are thinking about jumping on the home automation bandwagon at their upcoming annual summit. Proponents see this as a good thing on our trip to the future. But there are some potential downsides.

The Race to Home Automation: Setting the Bar for Apple (and Everyone Else)

Apple's push into home automation is setting the bar for the industry. What should we expect for the smart home?