Reasons To Take Assistance For History Essay Writing

Writing an essay in itself is a hectic job but if one has to write a subject oriented essay then it becomes even a more difficult task.

The Slot Machine: From Liberty Bell To Online Games

The first slot machine, also known as “one armed bandit” or “fruit machine”, as we know it today was invented by the German born Charles Frey in San Francisco, somewhere between 1887 and 1895.

The Past and Present of Photography Technology

Before the advent of the digital camera, there wasn’t much innovation in photography. Films became smaller and more sensitive, but that was the extent of the changes. Companies like Leica have been making nearly the same physical camera for 100 years. These are so close that if you brought a modern Leica back in time to Henri Cartier-Bresson, one of the first photojournalists and modern street photographers, he’d be able to use it without any trouble. Digital cameras, on the other hand, have only been in consumer hands for about 20 years and have made huge leaps forward in regard to...

A Brief History of High Resolution

With the consumer market still digesting 4K TVs, Sharp has already taken high-resolution technology to the next level by releasing the world's first 8K TV this fall.