EU Wants Apple to Pay Ireland €13 Billion After It Allegedly Broke Tax Laws

Ireland has said that it disagrees profoundly with the European Commission’s ruling against its tax dealings.

EU Accuses Google of Abusing its Android Dominance 

Google made about $11 billion from ad sales on Android phones with Google apps in 2015.

Hong Kong billionaire can sue Google over autocorrect

Finally, legal discourse is available to anyone distressed by autocorrect, but not exactly for the reasons you might think.

40% of workers ignore social media bans at work

A recent study has found that 40 percent of office workers in the EU say they've ignored restrictions on using social media at work.

Facebook class action lawsuit has over 11,000 plaintiffs

Facebook's privacy and data use policies have raised the ire of an activist who is leading a Europe vs Facebook campaign.

Google back on Europe’s hit list over Android OS abuses

A new case could begin as early as November and the EU has already sent out questionnaires to companies that have worked with Google on Android.

Google skirts European privacy ruling and causes a stink

Regulators are not happy about Google's handling of "right to be forgotten."