AMD vs. Intel-Assessing Their New Strategies: A Study In Contrasts

Over the next few years we are going to see something we don’t see that often. Two companies in the same market on two very different paths. AMD will be focused like a laser on traditional PC and Server markets but adapting to the new loads and tasks that both are being tossed in. Intel, in contrast, will be expanding massively to drones, IoT, and Automotive each of which has massive, but as yet, unrealized potential for firms in their class. Now typically when AMD and Intel run at each other AMD is massively disadvantaged but with Intel’s shift in focus they won’t be chasing Intel but a...

The Birth Of Drones With Intel Inside

This week is the Intel Developers’ Forum and at the CEO keynote there is a ton of stuff to talk about from a car that drove on and off the stage by itself without running anyone over to the birth of Mixed Reality; Intel’s answer to Microsoft’s Hololens (which Microsoft is helping them with). However, the most interesting part for me was on ever smarter drones. I have two Drones one of the first Parrott drones and DJI drone that has far more capability and a 4K camera. The problem with both is they tend to run into things and neither one has follow-me mode. Now the problem with the early...

Xiaomi Ahead of GoPro in Drones

The high-flying drone could boost the drone market.

NVIDIA’s Emerging Company Summit: Where Little Firms Get Boosted Into World Changers

Every year NVIDIA puts on one of the most interesting and forward looking events in Silicon Valley called the Emerging Companies Summit . Small fledgling companies both compete to be on stage and then compete on that stage for a large prize and recognition for having the product, service, or tool that has the most potential to be the next big thing. And, ironically, there isn’t one winner take all of the firms get visibility with mentors, investors, and potential customers that will be invaluable as they take their products to market and, unlike TV reality shows where the turkeys are often...

Paper airplanes, from the playground to World Records

Drones, World records and World Championships - paper airplanes have come a long way

Dealing with drones (quad-copters) part 2

I wrote an article about drones a few days ago and one reader took me to task.

Dealing with drones

What can be done about idiots who use drones to buzz airports or public places or want a better view of a wildfire?

Our machines will decide who lives and who dies

Autonomous automobiles (not us) will have to make some tough choices

Drones May Soon Get the Okay to Deliver For Amazon

The FAA still has to approve, but it may happen soon, along with flying cars

Drone Mania Sparks Blue Thunder Remake

'80's action classic to have a new modern tech twist