Crowdfunding a revolution

A group of young scientists are looking for public support for their Public Transport Revolution.

Crowdfunding "Sean Hannity is an idiot"

Please don't troll us, we don't care either way about any of the characters in this story but just like to see big posters calling out someone for being an idiot.

The death of crowdfunding

Some crowdfunding projects have been inspiring, innovative and worthwhile, but recently crowdfunding sites have been swamped with less than noteworthy projects and more than a few scams.

Crowdfunding: Easy money for your startup?

Crowdfunding, particularly in the US has exploded in the past few years and many startups are using this new approach for raising capital. These days there are dozens of crowdfunding websites springing up, but they aren’t necessarily for everyone. Traditionally people just starting a new business had few options when trying to raise startup capital – use your own money (or tap relatives and friends), go to a bank or other lender, try venture capitalists, or find an angel. Today crowdfunding sites can provide quick, no-equity funding for just about any startup, but they can also force you to...