How to Run a Business Without a Building

For an increasing number of businesses, mobile devices are replacing the traditional office, transferring company headquarters from physical space to virtual space.

Intel Gets Serious About The Cloud

This week was a pretty big week for Intel, they pulled out all the stops to release a new solution for Cloud workloads. When a market changes often it takes some time for the component makers to figure out what makes the new market very different from the old. The Cloud has emerged as a very different beast with very different performance requirements than your typical high performance server environment. It requires far more system agility to handle concurrent and vary diverse processing loads, it requires high security because of the nature of the work and the national and international...

NVIDIA Grid Hitting 40 Free Games: Creating the Perfect Mobile Set Top Box

Shield products are fast becoming my favorite mobile entertainment products.

The Magic of EMC

Any company that provides a product or service that is unbelievably good can only be described as “magical”.

Is Microsoft's Azure permanently broken?

There appear to be some serious issues with Microsoft’s Azure cloud services and some experts suggest the problems might be difficult if not impossible to fix.

Is Amazon losing its grip on the cloud?

IBM, Microsoft and others are making big pushes into the cloud space but is this really a sign that Amazon is losing its grip?

IT budgets set to rise, but not much going for recruitment

IT spending more on new tech to manage the likes of BYOD, rather than employing new staff members.

PC sales and cloud services may help Microsoft on eve of Q4 earnings report

Tuesday, after the close of market, Microsoft will release their Q4 earnings report and according to the experts things might not be all that bad.