Someday our personal store of big data could end identity theft

The vast amounts of personal data being collected could help us prevent identity or even credit card theft.

The Magic of EMC

Any company that provides a product or service that is unbelievably good can only be described as “magical”.

We are the customer and the commodity

Privacy is a big deal these days yet we give it away every time we log in.

"Data scientists aren't quite unicorns, but they're close": How to avoid a big data nightmare

Organisations wishing to avoid being outmoded by competitors or outgrown by customers need to embrace a data-driven approach to management and decision making. The path to success is clear.

Intel wants to fight Parkinson’s disease with big data

Intel and the Michael J. Fox Foundation have created a platform to collect wearable devices data to analyze symptoms and changes in Parkinsons' sufferers.

Business essentials: the open source software movement

62% of a survey of 300 IT professionals are not engaging enough with open source software becuase of concerns over security and other issues.

Enterprise security is more than just one moment in time

The changing nature of the threat landscape, and the ever-growing sophistication of hackers, means the way organizations protect themselves must change too.

Even small industries are using big data

Large corporations, world organisations, and governments have hopped aboard the big data bandwagon, but even small industries can benifit.

FTC wary of big data in health

With Apple, Google and just about everyone else jumping on the health and fitness bandwagon the FTC isn’t so sure it’s a good idea.

Blu-ray vs tape: Which storage technology is best for your business?

This article examines Facebook’s choice of Blu-Ray as a data storage solution over more established options, and gives insight into the capabilities and cost of tape compared to Blu-ray.