New Tech and Future Gaming Trends

Oculus Rift, Pokemon Go, what and how will games be played in the future?

Pokemon Go: A Game Changer

The game’s popularity has created unintended consequences in everyday life and business opportunities.

NVIDIA’s Emerging Company Summit: Where Little Firms Get Boosted Into World Changers

Every year NVIDIA puts on one of the most interesting and forward looking events in Silicon Valley called the Emerging Companies Summit . Small fledgling companies both compete to be on stage and then compete on that stage for a large prize and recognition for having the product, service, or tool that has the most potential to be the next big thing. And, ironically, there isn’t one winner take all of the firms get visibility with mentors, investors, and potential customers that will be invaluable as they take their products to market and, unlike TV reality shows where the turkeys are often...

Hololens: Getting Ready For Something Truly Amazing

Microsoft is releasing Hololens to developers in March and they should have their devices by month end. As part of the announcement they showcased some of the initial tools and games and this got me to thinking about the unusual things this device could enable. Games we’ve never thought to play before and uses that could be truly amazing. Let’s talk about some of these. Hololens + Kinect We’ve played games with Kinect where the Xbox can translate your body into a game controller and capture images but now think about playing games with the Xbox where you were also using an integrated Hololens...

From VR, to AR and Holography: The Emergence of Magic

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and holography can create a gateway to a new magical world.

Xbox Get’s A Surprise Update But Hololens Knocked Our Socks Off

An Xbox upgrade and Projet X-Ray amaze at Microsoft Devices launch.

Augmented Reality Is Coming To Your Car and James Bond Would Love It

James Bond type driving may become a reality for all of us.

Microsoft Voldemort (Hololens) and Windows 10: The Super-Secret Product That Can’t Be Mentioned

One of the best kept secrets in Microsoft was demonstrated inside the company.