The Undead PC: The Most Impressive Thing Apple Launched Was A PC

When Apple starts showcasing that the whole “PC is Dead thing” is BS you have to stand up and listen and they certainly caught my attention.

Intel and Asus Make Another Run At the Modular PC

A tablet and a phone for the cost of a 7” tablet.

Intel and Asus create a little tablet with one big trick

Typically you connect Intel to Microsoft and to tablets that are more like notebooks than tablets but I just started using the new Asus Memo Pad 7 (ME170C) and it is a decent product.

Asus transformer device combines Windows and Android

Asus apparently can’t decide where to place its bets these days so it has decided to bet on all of them. Earlier today the company showed off their Transformer Book V, a device that combines a smartphone running Android with a Windows tablet. The smartphone slides into the tablet allowing users to switch between operating systems at the touch of a button.