Why The PC Market Is Soft And Why AMD Should Be Excited

Brian Krzanich, Intel’s new CEO, upon announcing an historic layoff and blaming poor PC sales performance has handed AMD one hell of an opportunity.

Apple’s Not So Secret Strategy To Kill The Mac Could Boost Windows

Tim Cook has been pretty clear of late that the future of the PC is much more like the iPad Pro than it is the MacBook Air. In fact, personally, he appears to have made the switch and, I think, he is making a mistake common with CEOs. He is viewing the Mac user base as basically the same as he is and he really doesn’t need much more than light word processing, some calendar function (his secretary likely does the heavy lifting), and email. The new MacBooks seem to be stripped down but slightly updated versions of their predecessors that fail to excite where the only big advances came from...

FBI Director Says Unlocking Method Won’t Work on Newer iPhones

In all likelihood, authorities would still have to rely on Apple for unlocking iPhones newer than 5c.

Apple vs. The FBI: Why Apple Is Screwed

Apple is in hot water because they are not responding to a Judge’s order to disable a core security feature in the iPhone in order to access data about the San Bernardino Shooters. This comes shortly after a Harvard Report indicating requests like this are stupid . Apple has taken a hard line with regard to customer security but it is hard to understand why, in this case, where the phone belongs to the local government and the owner is a dead terrorist why Apple isn’t stepping up. First Apple “probably” can do this but even they likely don’t know for sure and if they do it then it will...

Why Android is a blessing

How would have smartphones developed if Android hadn't shown up?

Is Apple recruiting or poaching?

Mission Motors blames its bankruptcy on Apple's "aggressive recruitment".

Lenovo’s Answer To The Surface Book And Their New 27” Tablet

These two offerings clearly showcase that Lenovo is in this race to win.

The Temples of Apple

New technologies bring new gods

Amazon flexing muscles

Jeff Bezo is trying to eliminate competition.