Google's Indian Army

Google is investing in India's developer potential.

Will Google take on Apple directly with its own phone?

By making phones on its own, Google will be able to offer a refined version of Android.

App Developers Can Expect More Money from Google and Apple

Both the companies continue to rule the mobile platform market with Android and iOS.

Facebook Bullying Android Users

Facebook has a habit of dictating what it thinks is allegedly good for us, actually what is good for the company’s ad revenue. We remember how facebook “forced” its users to use a separate app for instant messaging, claiming it was due to high positive response. Now they are doing the same with FB Messenger. Recently Android users who are accessing Facebook using a mobile browser and want to use the Messenger will be automatically (and persistently) asked to use the Messenger app, with the download page popping up every time you click on the Message button. It is worst than when you get stuck...

Is $14,000 a Reasonable Tag for a "Secure" Smartphone?

The phone has been dubbed as the “Rolls Royce of smartphones” and uses a physical security touch for activation.

Google wins over Oracle in a $9 Billion Lawsuit

Google wins in a long-standing Oracle trial over copyright issues.

Best Android smartphones to be excited about in 2016

The best smartphones that are going to hit the market in 2016

Indian startup Creo introduces the Mark 1 Smartphone: Things To Know

The company promises to make the experience of Android on a phone better than ever.

Why Android is a blessing

How would have smartphones developed if Android hadn't shown up?

Android Buzz: Microsoft earning on Android - Chrome OS uncertain future - Huawei up and Samsung down

Microsoft making good money thanks to Android. The future of Chrome OS not really clear. Huawei has a great third quarter but Samsung is struggling.