Zynga launches its 'most social game' yet

Zynga, the video game maker most known for its Facebook game Farmville, has just launched an ambitious new title.

Mobile gaming market booming thanks to iPhone & Facebook

Online gaming is bigger than ever thanks to Facebook and mobile devices like Apple's iPhone.  

Lady Gaga + Zynga = Love Game

"Let's play a love game, play a love game. Zynga, do you want love? I wanna take a ride on your in-game ad."

Zynga wants to make the killer mobile app

The social games company that Facebook made a household name is pushing into the mobile market.

Zynga implements "RewardVille" to further addict players

If you’ve gotten updates on your Facebook wall about the brown cow you friend just earned, then you are familiar with Zynga’s hit game, Farmville.

Hacker steals billions of Zynga game chips

A British hacker has admitted stealing 400 billion virtual poker chips from Zynga, valued at as much as $12 million.

Cityville surpasses Farmville

Zynga's new game Cityville has become the most popular Facebook game to date, surpassing its own game Farmville in the process.

Zynga acquires small developer Newtoy

Having conquered the social gaming industry, Zynga is constantly looking to expand and has bought out a small mobile game developer called Newtoy.

Zynga goes for the urban life with launch of CityVille

Let's face it, raising chickens isn't everybody's cup of tea, which is why Zynga has decided to try and appeal to more urban Facebook users with the launch of a new game, CityVille.

Zynga friends Android, promises social mobile games

After a successful stint with its iPhone presence, social gaming giant Zynga has confirmed support for the Google mobile operating system.

Farmville invades iPad

Fresh on the heels of a class-action lawsuit being filed against it, social games publisher Zynga has launched an iPad version of its mega hit Farmville.

Zynga faces class-action privacy-centric lawsuit

Privacy issues really are the new black, and Facebook is the most fashionable of the bunch. There's a brand new class-action lawsuit against social games publisher Zynga over claims it unlawfully shares private user data through Facebook.

Are hardcore gamers snobby and elitist?

We all know that hardcore gamers are serious about their rigs and dedication to the geek genre. But are they also a snobby and elitist bunch with little tolerance for social or casual gamers?

UPDATE: Digital Chocolate sues Facebook game giant Zynga over Mafia Wars

Casual gaming company Digital Chocolate has just filed suit against Zynga, the leader in social gaming, because it says it owns the exclusive rights to the name "Mafia Wars."

Google Slides into home plate with social gaming acquisition

In what is by far the biggest move from Google into online gaming, the search giant has reportedly agreed to pay $182 million to acquire social game developer Slide.

Did you know Amazon powers up to 80% of social games?

When it comes to the new market of "social games," a few names always pop out - Zynga, Facebook, Farmville, EA's Playfish... but actually, one of the most important players is Amazon.

Google investing in social gaming giant Zynga: sources

Perhaps Google was just too tired of reading about how it is becoming overthrown by Facebook, so now Google is reportedly investing hundreds of millions of dollars into one of Facebook's biggest cash cows.

Farmville comes to the iPhone

When the world's most popular social media game meets the world's most popular mobile phone, you can't help but feel the synergy.

Zynga heads West with FrontierVille

Zynga has launched a new Facebook game set in America's Wild West that allows players to "tame" the wilderness, raise a family and help build a frontier town.

Zynga sues over virtual currency sales

Mediocre players of games such as Zynga Poker, Mafia Wars and FarmVille may have to live with the consequences of their inadequacy. Zynga Game network, one of the biggest social games makers around, is suing playerauctions.com for selling virtual currency and goods.