Xbox One fallout - Don Mattrick bids Microsoft adieu

Yesterday, Zynga confirmed that Don Mattrick had been appointed CEO of the company after leaving Microsoft's Xbox One division. Mattrick's departure comes just weeks after the Redmond reversed a number of unpopular and controversial Xbox One policies.

Virtual tractor market crashes; real people get crapped on

"There are more tractors sold in Farmville every day than are sold in the US every year." Fred Wilson, VC and principal at Union Street Ventures, December 30, 2009. Yesterday: Zynga lays off 520 people.

Politician arrested over Facebook IPO

A US Republican politician has been arrested and charged with using the Facebook IPO as a Ponzi scam.

Zynga kills off 11 games

As part of cost-cutting measures announced in November, Zynga has pulled the plug on 11 games, including PetVille and Mafia Wars 2.

Zynga and Facebook scrap partnership deal

Zynga is loosening its ties with Facebook, opening the possibility that Facebook could start developing its own games.

EA and Zynga trade insults in copyright battle

Electronic Arts is suing Zynga, claiming that Zynga's The Ville violates its copyright.

Zynga to enter the world of online gambling

Zynga is about to take its social gaming prowess to new heights.

Zynga steps back from Facebook with social gaming plans

Zynga's announced that it's creating its own gaming social network, and launching a sequel to the ever-popular Farmville.

Draw Something is losing millions of users

The harsh reality of social media is that some things really are just temporary fads.

Draw Something becomes fastest-growing mobile game

Zynga gets to add a new record to its mantle, but this time it's only because it bought the company that created it.

Zynga launches own gaming platform

Zynga is launching its own website where users can play its social games without having to go through Facebook, in a move that could have a noticeable effect on Facebook's bottom line.

Words With Friends saves man's life

An Australian man is thanking the addictive game Words With Friends for leading him to a life-saving doctor's visit.

Here are the top Facebook games of 2011

Yes, it is the end of the year so the "best of 2011" stories continue to pop up, and this time Facebook games are in the spotlight.

Tiny company sues Zynga for patent infringement

Agincourt Gaming, a company that has just entered the social gaming space, is looking to take down its biggest competitor.

Facebook completely dismisses Google+

While there's been a lot of talk about the fate of Facebook now that Google+ is up and kicking, Facebook says it really doesn't care.

Is Angry Birds really worth $1.2 billion?

Let's think about this rationally for a minute. Yes, Angry Birds is unfortunately one of the most popular video games of all time. But is the avian phenomenon enough to propel the value of Rovio to over a billion dollars?

Zynga's Words with Friends hitting Facebook

Game publisher Zynga, which rose to rockstar status after it released the Facebook adventure Farmville, has just announced its latest social offering.

Zynga and Tencent release online game in China

The social gaming company Zynga has brought its gaming services to China in a partnership with the Chinese Internet service Tencent. Their first game is titled "Zynga City."

Is Twitter worth $7 billion?

Even though Twitter hasn't made any declarations about a potential IPO or even hinted of the possibility of going public any time soon, our favorite micro-blogging client may soon be valued at around $7 billion.

Zynga touts $1 billion IPO

Farmville creator Zynga has filed to raise $1 billion in an initial public offering.