The story of Yugoslavia's DIY computer revolution

In Yugoslavia in the 1980s, computers were a rare luxury. A ZX Spectrum or Commodore 64 could easily cost a month\\'s salary, and that's if you could even get through the tough importation laws. Then in 1983, while on holiday in Risan, Voja Antonić dreamt up plans for ...

These keyboard PCs are partying like it’s 1982

Who remembers the Commodore 64/128? Ditto for the ZX Spectrum. Two fully-functioning computers packed into a keyboard form factor. Ah, those were the 8-bit days. 

King of 8-bit computing marries lap dancer

Sir Clive Sinclair, 400 years old and inventor of the ZX Spectrum, marrying Angie Bowness, 33 years old and blonde. Geezers self-combusting across Internets.