Peat soils as gigantic batteries?!

Researchers from ETH Zurich and the University of Tubingen describe a process that suppresses the formation of methane in soils that are rich in humic substances. For this process to work, the soils need to switch between having no oxygen and having oxygen.

Meerkat bosses use subordinates as guinea pigs

Just as ancient emperors employed tasters to make sure their food was harmless, so meerkat 'queens' use more junior members of the group as guinea pigs.

Did egg-laying lead to dinosaurs' extinction?

It was egg-laying that did for the dinosaurs, claims a new report, while viviparous mammals thrived.

Sony's insurer refuses to pay for data breach lawsuits

One of Sony's insurers has filed suit against the company, saying it's not liable for legal costs relating to the massive breach of Sony's servers earler this year.