Zune will be amputated on August 31

Several Zune features will be killed at the end of the month as Microsoft begins to usher in Xbox Music as the predominant media streaming service.

Microsoft reportedly working on new music service

Apparently Microsoft wants to start up a new music streaming platform even though it already has one called the Zune Music Pass.

Xbox.com slated for sweeping facelift

No doubt as a way to correspond with the large changes coming to the Xbox 360 console itself, Microsoft is planning to bring a bundle of new features to its Xbox website.

Microsoft flip-flops on Zune again, it's still alive

Microsoft is flip-flopping more than a presidential politician, and it's doing so in record time.

Microsoft officially kills the Zune

Microsoft has officially declared what many have known to be true for a long time now - the Zune brand of portable media players is dead.

RIP Zune: How Microsoft could have succeeded

It appears Microsoft is pulling the plug on Zune hardware. I actually had a lot of hope for the media player when it was first announced in 2006.

AT&T to give Zune content to people who buy Windows Phone 7

You know who stands the most to gain with a high-profile mobile platform launch? How about the guy that's losing out on its biggest exclusivity deal of all time.

Zune software going to Macs. Heads explode

For the first time since the introduction of Microsoft's Zune media player several years ago, the platform that was once seen as a direct rival to iTunes will be going to Apple's computer operating system.

Windows Live Phone to integrate with Zune, Xbox

Microsoft has shed some light on new details about its upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform, and it is incorporating its favorite word across all devices: "Live"

Play Bejeweled, watch TV, and listen to U2 from Bing.com

Microsoft's search site is no longer just a "decision engine." It's growing up and now it can play music, movies, and games without ever sending users to an external Web site.

Report: Microsoft planning major entertainment reshuffle

The undisputed success of Apple and Google in the portable device market has apparently prompted Microsoft to plan "major organizational changes" in the division responsible for Windows Phone, Zune HD and the Xbox 360.

Microsoft refreshes Zune HD lineup

Microsoft has refreshed its Zune HD lineup with the addition of a new 64GB Zune HD model priced at $350.

Microsoft showcases new XNA Game Studio

Microsoft is showcasing the latest iteration of its XNA Game Studio for Windows Phone 7, Xbox 360 and Windows-based PCs at GDC 2010.

2010 Mobile World Congress roundup

The 2010 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona boasted numerous mobile wares, tons of tapas, a multitude of mobile operating systems and apps aplenty.

Windows Phone Series 7: Attractively Different but can it Win?

Being attractively different may be the first requirement for something to step out from under the iPhone's and Android's shadows.

Microsoft Zunes in on Phone interfaces

While everyone waited with baited breath for Microsoft to announce a "Zune phone" at this year's MWC in Barcelona, Steve Ballmer added a surprise Microsoft twist to the mix, effectively announcing that all Microsoft phones would be Zune phones from now on.

Microsoft eliminates multitasking support in Windows Mobile 7

Microsoft has reportedly decided to emulate Apple and eliminate multitasking support in its upcoming Windows Mobile 7 operating system.