The lure of vampires

As we've often mention here on TG, without trying to overstate the obvious, vampires, along with zombies, are hot monsters right about now.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter behind the scenes

Despite reports of trouble on the set of World War Z, zombies and vampires are still hot monsters, and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter should make a great hybrid. 

World War Z production suffers third act failure

The Brad Pitt-led Zombie apocalypse thriller already had to spend 7 weeks reshooting the ending because director Marc Forster wasn’t happy with the ending. Now it seems to be a lot worse.

Resident Evil: Retribution trailer shows you the world

Sony Pictures has released the first full-length trailer for Resident Evil: Retribution, though it’s a bit tricksy.

The versatility of zombies

Some years back I interviewed make-up gore god Tom Savini, who did the effects for the original Dawn of the Dead and Friday the 13th movies.

When George Romero went medieval

Zombies have become George Romero's "brand" - as the creepy undead is what he's best known for.

ParaNorman scrapes the bottom of the zombie barrel

ParaNorman mostly just looks silly, but there is always the chance that it’s just a poorly cut trailer. Still, I think we might be scraping the bottom of the zombie barrel with this one.

Inside the Dead Island zombie game

Zombies have been everywhere for years now. They are still America's favorite monsters and have permeated many areas of popular culture, from literature to gaming, hence the game Dead Island. 

Beetlejuice 2 is back off the shelf

Beetlejuice 2 has been stuck in development hell since the initial success of the first film twenty-two years ago. Not a record for development delays, but certainly somewhere near the top of the list.

World War Z film faces stiff competition

For those who aren’t zombie inclined, World War Z is the novel written by Max Brooks, the son of the very talented Mel Brooks of Spaceballs fame.

Reinventing the werewolf

With MTV's Teen Wolf officially renewed for another season, it reminds me of the recent difficulties with trying to bring the werewolf back.

Fight zombies with augmented reality, location-based mobile gaming

When it comes to augmented reality, there are few cooler applications than those made for gaming. Ogmento’s Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary is one of those games. Why?

Blackout is an atypically touching zombie tale

Amber Whitley’s new novelette "Blackout" is a rarity among zombie stories. It’s an uplipting tale focusing on family, spirituality, trust, and the love of life.

Trailer released for Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

In a just released trailer, we’re getting our first look at the new comedy horror based on the Italian comicbook series, "Dylan Dog."

10 things guaranteed to annoy us in 2011

This year was among the most annoying ever because no one had a job, or money, and everyone lost their house to an ugly bank guy with a handlebar mustache and a stovepipe hat. Next year will be worse.

Is it possible to make zombies sexy?

It was announced last week that movie mega-star Brad Pitt will be the star of an upcoming theatrical adaptation of one of the best-selling zombie books of all time: World War Z. But where are all the good-looking actors willing to play the role of a zombie?

The Zombie Code: Editor cashes in on invasion

 One of our own has finally found a useful outlet for the nihilism that infects the writing pool here.