The Walking Dead Finally Beats the NFL, Renewed For a Fifth Season

We’re not surprised that The Walking Dead has been killing in the ratings, but it is remarkable how it keeps getting stronger and bigger all the time. The show now just had another milestone in that it actually beat out Sunday Night Football and the World Series. 

The Walking Dead Is Bigger Than Ever

There was little doubt that The Walking Dead would have a big return this season, but it’s remarkable that it keeps getting bigger and stronger when it returns, unlike a zombie itself, which will continue to rot and grow progressively weaker as time goes in. In fact, the Walking Dead has broken yet another ratings record.

Water bottles for the zombie end days

Although it may not exactly play out exactly like the movies, there are plenty who believe a zombie apocalypse is just around the corner. Whether brought on by drought, disease, or biological warfare, we’re just a few weeks away from wandering herds of flesh-eating undead right outside our door. (OK maybe not, but what if?!)

In the Flesh (zombie) trailer is ready to return home

The BBC has released the first trailer for its upcoming zombie-centric mini-series.

More of Telltale’s Walking Dead on the way soon

We may see more of the interactive zombie adventure serial earlier than anticipated.

Scientists develop zombie cells

With the advent of The Walking Dead, zombies are more popular now than ever before.

GallowWalkers trailer seeks the noose

Vantage Media has posted the first trailer for its new Wesley Snipes lead western fantasy adventure.

The Montana zombie hack

Hackers recently managed to slip a zombie alert on a Montana TV station known as KRTV.

Zombieland series begins casting

In Zombieland, four city-named adventurers struggle to survive in a comical zombie-infested wasteland, learning through trails and danger how to live and love in the blasted landscape.

World War Z spot tracks the destruction

World War Z is based on the book by Max Brooks, which is a challenge, since the book covers a lot of ground in a story which is not exactly chronological, appearing as the personal account of one journalist covering the end of the world.

Walking Dead apps turns you into a walker

It’s amazing how much people love to play dead. Whether it’s a George Romero zombie movie, or the Walking Dead show, actors love to put on make-up, lurch around and do their best dead as Romero himself would say.

Buying a bomb shelter for the apocalypse

Look folks, how many times do we have to say it? There is no such thing as zombies, so the undead apocalypse is not going to happen.

Zombieland on its way to the small screen

If we’ve discovered anything about popular culture from this year’s successes, it’s that zombies are here to stay.

The Walking Dead gets a new boss

Personally, I think the show was better under Darabont, as the  drama was less stilted and felt less forced.

Zombie games still rule

Many have speculated that the whole zombie phenomenon was going to peak last year, but The Walking Dead is one of the biggest shows in the world, proving the undead are still going strong.

Video: The Walking Dead have spoken

AMC has posted two Walking Dead clips teasing the upcoming second half of season 3.

Surviving the apocalypse on a budget

If you’re preparing for the end of the world that’s predicted in the Mayan calendar, or a zombie uprising, you probably should start stocking your bunker now.

The Walking Dead has a huge mid-season finale

The Walking Dead, which had an incredible season debut on October 14, is still going like gangbusters.

Walking Dead: Assault is ready for the zombie apocalypse

Now that The Walking Dead has hit its mid season finale, it’s been a triumphant third time around for the series, and the undead have never been hotter.

John Carpenter's Halloween is back in theaters

With the holiday Halloween around the corner, it only makes sense that John Carpenter's classic Halloween is back in theaters for a limited run.