Hot lava video goes viral on YouTube

No, this hot video isn't about a bikini-clad stripper coming over to fix the cable. But it still is causing quite a stir on YouTube.

Florida mom busted in YouTube "Fight Club" scheme

A 39-year-old Florida mother has been arrested for child abuse after police identified the woman cheering on her teenage daughter during a prearranged fight that was filmed and uploaded to YouTube.

YouTube sees off TV copyright case in Spain

YouTube today won a court victory in Spain over allegations that it had been infringing the copyright of Spanish broadcaster Telecinco.

YouTube trialling live video streaming today

YouTube has started trialling a live video streaming platform in conjunction with Young Hollywood, Next New Netwrorks, Howcast and Rocketboom.

Live online streaming explodes by 648% in one year

Over the last year, the market for live streaming video exploded. Seriously, there's a mushroom cloud somewhere. Nearly one and a half billion minutes of live video was streamed online in the last 12 months.

Pay-per-view movies coming to YouTube?

YouTube is said to be negotiating with major Hollywood studios to offer streamed, pay-per-view movies by the end of the year.

Did the Internet kill Blockbuster?

Blockbuster has fought valiantly in recent years to defend itself against threats from online contenders such as Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. But now it seems as if the industry heavyweight is getting ready to throw in the proverbial towel.

Tobacco firms 'may be illicitly advertising on YouTube'

A New Zealand researcher is claiming that the tobacco industry may be using YouTube to push its products surreptitiously.

A very bitter Viacom says Youtube verdict was "flawed"

Viacom, otherwise known as the corporate crybaby that hates Youtube more than anyone else, has officially filed the motion for appealing a landmark ruling against Youtube in which it was shut down of its hopes to bilk $1 billion from the video sharing site.

Bed intruder song goes viral on YouTube

A video featuring the previously unknown Antoine Dodson of Huntsville, AL has gone viral on YouTube.

Youtube video limit upped from 10 minutes to 15 minutes

Fulfilling the most requested change to Google's video sharing site, Youtube has finally increased the length of videos that users can upload to a more accommodating 15 minutes.

Are your kids getting high on virtual drugs?

Ah, yes, the digital age is truly upon us. Forget about getting high on pot, quaaludes, speed, blow, acid, heroin, opium and yes - whip-its. That's right: digital is in, baby.

"Old Spice Man" takes online advertising to a new, and personalized, level

For whatever reason, the tall, muscular, and shirtless guy from those Old Spice commercials has created a lot of fans, and he's probably even more popular after he spent all day yesterday creating personalized videos to individual users.

HTML5 mobile Youtube site goes live

Because the most popular phone in the country doesn't support the Flash video standard that powers Youtube, the video sharing giant has launched a new mobile site that's capable with the iPhone's replacement: HTML5.

Ridley Scott wants you as co-director

Director Sir Ridley Scott is looking for collaborators to help him document a day in the life of the planet.

YouTube hackers direct Bieber fans to porn

Hackers targeted a number of Justin Bieber YouTube pages yesterday, redirecting users to porn sites and a video suggesting that the teenage heart-throb had died.

Twitter chatter could help save lives

Researchers from Lockheed Martin and the University of Maryland have kicked off a study of social media website chatter - which could theoretically be used to help emergency responders save lives during disasters.

Almost everyone who uses the Internet now watches online video

Google's stranglehold on the online video market is stronger than ever before, raking in more video activity than its closest eight competitors combined, times four.

YouTube teams with RumbleFish for copyrighted 'Friendly Music'

YouTube has signed a deal with music licensing store RumbleFish allowing YouTube users to buy copyright-protected tracks to add to their videos.

Viacom loses in very important Youtube lawsuit

It's a major victory for Google today, and for Internet users all around, as a federal judge today said that the online giant never broke the law by allowing people to post copyrighted Viacom content on Youtube.