Yahoo sells Delicious to YouTube founders

Yahoo's finally found someone to take bookmarking service Delicious off its hands, selling up to YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen.

Youtube video-on-demand service finally moves forward

Google is now looking to compete in the premium video rental market.

Google ends support for Google Video

Ever since Google acquired Youtube, users have questioned the point of its previous video service, Google Video.

Youtube adds support for 24/7 live streaming

As if people weren't spending enough time on Youtube as it is...

Google revamps YouTube to compete with broadcasters

Google's reported to be planning major changes to YouTube to help it compete with broadcast and cable television services.

Google buys video company to improve YouTube image quality

Google's hoping to improve the picture quality of videos uploaded to YouTube, with the acquisition of Irish digital video company Green Parrot Pictures.

YouTube buys Next New Networks to help improve content quality

YouTube's hoping to improve the quality of its content with the acquisition of web video production startup Next New Networks. The idea is to help budding film-makers up their game.

YouTube videos promote self-harm

A Canadian psychologist is warning of an alarming trend for troubled teens to post self-harm videos on YouTube.

LG and YouTube team up on mobile 3D

LG Electronics has announced a deal with YouTube to allow users of its new Optimus 3D smartphone to capture and upload 3D videos to YouTube instantly.

Motorola lashes out at bootloading question, apologizes

Motorola's brazen response to the question of why it doesn't allow users to root its phones caught many off guard, and now the company has officially come out to apologize.

Mobile Youtube streaming hits 200 million videos/day

It wasn't that long ago that the vast majority of people didn't access the Internet at all with their cell phones. Now, you have statistics like this.

Rebel YouTube pilot angers TSA, reveals identity

The anonymous airline pilot who was punished by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for posting videos on YouTube pointing out what he believes are serious flaws in airport security is back in the news.

3D spherical search could accelerate YouTube queries

We’re so used to seeing search results presented in lists of words or pictures. 

But what if there’s a better way to search and find what you’re looking for? 

Sonic touts DivX TV for web-based content

It seems everyone these days is trying to get consumers to watch web content on their TVs. Digital video outfit DivX - a division of Sonic Solutions - is no exception.

Google connects Android with Google TV in new Youtube app

There's a new app for Android that may not seem like a big deal but could be the launching pad for more interesting things to come that will link Google's mobile platform with its TV platform.

Android Gingerbread details hit the 'Net

Yes, the awesome Froyo may rule our smartphones for now. But Android Gingerbread seems like it is shaping up to be a tricked-out, must-have mobile OS.

Police officer sues YouTube over 'bubbles' cartoons

A Toronto police officer is suing YouTube for hosting video of him abusing a G20 protester for blowing bubbles.

Christine O'Donnell launches FUD YouTube campaign

Delaware Republican Senate hopeful Christine O'Donnell is running a FUD-based YouTube campaign against Democratic rival Chris Coons.

Violent high school teacher becomes a YouTube star

A high school algebra teacher who suffered a violent nervous breakdown in a Nashville classroom has become a YouTube star nearly overnight.

Hulu may go for an IPO, but is it time?

Hulu, the second most popular online video destination (trailing only Youtube), is apparently evaluating its options to go public on the stock market, a move that is raising a lot of questions.