iOS to lose YouTube app

From this fall, the pre-installed YouTube app will disappear from Apple's operating system, with the launch of iOS 6.

Become a real mech warrior with your own Kuratas robot

I really want the Japanese Kuratas robot to be real. After all, one of my favorite video games of all time is Mech Warriors of yore.

YouTube opens professional studio for contributors

YouTube's opening a new 'creator space' in London offering professional help to budding film-makers.

Is YouTube putting journalists out of business?

Move over LOL cats. Viewers are increasingly  finding a new, less-frivolous use for YouTube - as a news source in times of emergencies and natural disasters.

Google hits out at YouTube MP3 conversion site

Google is threatening to sue a major site that allows users to rip YouTube videos and record them as MP3 files.

Van Helsing game trailer goes live

A new teaser trailer for The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing has gone live on YouTube.

Original RickRoll'D video knocked offline

Many Internet users are big fans of pranks and memes. I've certainly RickRolled more than a few people in my day, just for grins, and I bet many of you have too.

Some thoughts on the upcoming Lego movie

We see so much Lego animation on YouTube, it seemed inevitable that Lego itself would make an animated film, and apparently that is exactly what the company is doing.

Youtube begins live video monetization

Another thing that used to be free can now start charging money.

YouTube kicks off huge 3D overhaul

Apparently someone over at the Youtube offices in California thought that it would make a lot of sense if Web browsers needed to put on a pair of 3D glasses before watching the latest viral videos. 

Paramount brings movies to YouTube

You'll soon be able to watch hundreds of new movies from Youtube, but they won't be free.

Laughing at Nine Inch Nails on YouTube

In the smoke-filled 90's, when grunge took over the musical landscape, a lot of bands had to go to great lengths to hide early pictures of themselves with big hair and make-up. 

Solar prominence - or UFO?

Is this a picture of a Death Star-type UFO refueling on the surface of the sun? Well, no.

Youtube, Disney partnership matures in earnest

All it takes is a few quick searches on Youtube to realize that one of its biggest content supporters is Disney.

YouTube algorithm spots world's funniest videos

Google researchers have developed an algorithm that ranks the funniest YouTube videos.

Google rolls out Google TV Youtube app

Google teased a "big announcement" for its television-based operating system yesterday, but it turns out it's just a Youtube app update.

Can YouTube and TV peacefully co-exist?

Sometimes I wonder how life was possible without YouTube. I’ve spent many, many hours glued to the site since I first became aware of the platform, and it was like a domino effect.

Youtube claims 4 billion daily streams

It seems Youtube still hasn't reached its saturation point yet.

Youtube breaks down top 2011 videos

Averaging millions upon millions of views per month, Rebecca Black's infamous "Friday" music video was the most-watched Youtube sensation of the year.

Iowa GOP boosts security over hacker threat

The Iowa Republican Party is bolstering the security of electronic systems that will be used to count some of the first caucus votes of the heated 2012 presidential campaign.