Guy Makes Millions Playing Video Games on YouTube

Who wouldn’t love to get paid for doing what they love, especially if it’s playing video games? Well, somebody has apparently been making a lot of money from playing games, a job many of us would love to have.   

YouTube beats Big Content rap

Attempts by Big Content to accuse YouTube of piracy have crashed into the iceberg which is the US legal system.

European investigators launch full attack on Google

The failure of Google to change its privacy policy in Europe has led six countries to coordinate an enforcement push.

Russia censors "suicide" websites

The Russian government has started enforcing a new law that gives it the power to block internet content deemed illegal or harmful to children. 

Video: Project S.E.R.A. is infected with zombies

A new web series dubbed Project S.E.R.A.has surfaced. The production is of exceptionally hight quality, and I can even see this project adopted by a network like SyFy in the future.

YouTube plans subscription services this spring

YouTube is reportedly planning to start selling subscriptions to some channels this year, and is in talks with video producers about the idea.

Video: YouTube debuts Capture for iPhone and iPod touch

Google has launched its new Captured app for Apple's iPhone and iPod touch, with support for Android expected at some point in the near future.

Iran launches own version of YouTube

Following blocks on YouTube earlier this year, Iran has launched its own video sharing alternative offering only 'appropriate' content.

Google rolls out major iOS updates (Gmail, YouTube)

Mountain View has rolled out iOS updates for two major Google platforms: YouTube and Gmail.

Android update makes it easier to watch YouTube videos on TV

YouTube update turns Android tablets and smartphones into Google TV remotes.

YouTube to base search rankings on time watched, not clicks

YouTube has beefed up its Analytics function, saying the extra information whould help people make more popular videos.

Iran restores Gmail, but YouTube block continues

Iran has lifted its block on Google services, imposed last week, but says it's planning extra censorship of YouTube.

Brazil arrests Google boss over YouTube video

The president of Google Brazil has been arrested over a YouTube video that criticizes a mayoral candidate, breaking local electoral law.

Twitter DMs deliver malware

Twitter users are receiving direct messages, purportedly from friends, alerting them to Facebook videos in which they are said to feature.

Anti-Islam film prompts more YouTube blackouts

YouTube is extending its block on the trailer for the anti-Islam film The Innocence of Muslims to more countries, as international outrage increases.

Fan-made anime Star Wars is better than the new trilogy

The creator of this awesome fan-made Star Wars movie needs a job in the industry - and Hollywood could definitely use talent like this to raise the genre bar.

Google says controversial video will remain on YouTube

A Google spokesperson has confirmed that a controversial video clip about the Islamic prophet Muhammad will remain on YouTube - despite a White House request for Mountain View to "review" the clip. 

YouTube launches iPhone app alead of iOS 6 launch

A month after Apple scrapped the YouTube app that had come pre-installed since 2007, it's back - bigger, better, and coming courtesy of Google itself.

New YouTube app hits Sony PS3

When it comes to watching videos online, most people head to Google's YouTube.

Steam to radically overhaul social exposure

Downloading a PC game is no longer going to be just about finding a title and clicking the "Purchase" button.