Yahoo launches "app search" apps

If you're happy with the current methods of finding apps, Yahoo is throwing its hat into the ring.

Yahoo rolls out revamped email service

It's taken its time, but Yahoo is finally getting its revamped mail service out of beta, giving its 284 million users social network integration, faster search and more.

Yahoo brings video chat to iPad 2

An updated version of Yahoo's Messenger app for the iPad adds support for video chatting.

Comscore's latest rankings: more of the same

Google is still slipping, while Yahoo and Bing are picking up the slack, but everything is moving at a snail's pace.

'Who is Bin Laden?' dumb teenagers ask

While it's no surprise that searches for the name 'Osama Bin Laden' have spiked over the last few days, Yahoo search figures show one surprise.

Yahoo sells Delicious to YouTube founders

Yahoo's finally found someone to take bookmarking service Delicious off its hands, selling up to YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen.

Yahoo announces its answer to Google Instant search

Yahoo announced yesterday that it is making upgrades to its search engine that will bring up results in real-time.

Mainstream media asks: How unhealthy should your food be?

Medical science tells us some foods in abundance are bad for us. But should there be a limit on how bad our food can be?

Gmail users are younger and thinner

Well, this is better than astrology. I've never much liked being a Taurus (stubborn, prosaic, materially-minded), but as a Gmail user I'm delighted to be told I'm young, thin, educated and well-traveled. And it's all true, of course.

Yahoo opens newsstand for tablets

Well, there's not much point producing loads of content unless you can get it out to readers. And with personalization the order of the day, Yahoo's launched Livestand, a digital newsstand for the iPad and Android tabets.

Flickr sends five years' photos down the drain

Flickr has admitted accidentally deleting a photo-blogger's account, wiping out his 4,000 photos at a stroke.

Users don't think search engines need government regulation

Most Americans believe that search engines are doing a fine job of ranking search answers, and don't believe they need government regulation.

Yahoo Messenger gets free Android voice calling

Hey, guess what, Skype and Google Talk? You're not the only players in town. Yahoo wants to be taken seriously in the VoIP market too, and has just taken a step in that direction with the latest Yahoo Messenger app update.

Yahoo trims out the dead wood

Yahoo's believed to be planning to shut down half a dozen of its services, including AltaVista and Delicious, following the announcement of nearly 600 layoffs.

Yahoo vs. Best Buy: How not to screw your employees on Christmas

Yahoo is slated to execute layoffs today and Best Buy just announced troubling results from last quarter.

Year's top searches center on BP and soccer

The BP oil spill proved more interesting than any celebrity this year, according to Yahoo's round-up of the top search queries of the year.

Starbucks to begin offering free e-books, iTunes songs

As if rolling out free Wi-Fi to its entire nationwide chain of coffee shops wasn't enough, Starbucks will now offer free downloadable content if you connect to its network.

Yahoo rolling out refreshed design for search results

As it continues on a path to regain some of its once venerable position on the Internet, Yahoo has detailed some of its plans for a completely revamped search results page.

Yahoo buys advertising company Dapper

Yahoo has just announced plans to acquire an online ad firm called Dapper, its latest move to stay alive in the Web market by creating a compelling ad experience.

Current royalties for music streaming 'unreasonable' says court

A federal appeals court has ruled that the current system for calculating royalties on music downloads is flawed.