Yahoo board mulls options as pressure increases on Thompson

Yahoo investor Daniel Loeb is stepping up his campaign to get the company's CEO, Scott Thompson, fired.

Yahoo CEO accused of lying about degree

Most of us can remember whether we have a degree in computer science or not - but then we're not all busy CEOs. And Yahoo's been forced to admit that its new chief, Scott Thompson, said he had one when he didn't.

Facebook counter-sues Yahoo over patents

Following Yahoo's lawsuit against Facebook last month, Facebook's gone on the counter-attack.

Yammer offers bonuses to defecting Yahoo staff

There may not be a great deal of work being done at Yahoo's Sunnyvale headquarters today, as staff frantically update their resumes.

Facebook's technology's all ours, says Yahoo

Yahoo's suing Facebook over a series of patents, claiming the entire company is built on its technology.

As facebook IPO looms, Yahoo picks patent fight

Yahoo's reportedly threatening to take legal action unless Facebook starts paying patent licensing fees for several different technologies.

British Facebook hacker sentenced to eight months in prison

We all know crime doesn't pay, but sometimes hacking does pay.

Angry Birds will catapult us into space

The phenomenon known as Angry Birds is taking a giant leap forward into... space?

Say 'so long' to Yahoo's Jerry Wang

The man who helped form what was once an unstoppable online powerhouse is now stepping away from any semblance of relationship with the company.

Yahoo has a new CEO, but Steve Jobs points the way

Much like Carol Bartz, Scott Thompson is leaving a company at which he was successful.

New Yahoo CEO is former Paypal exec

The man tasked with turning Yahoo around in the revolving door that is the company's CEO is Scott Thompson.

Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL team up to sell ads

Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL have agreed to pool unsold ad space so that customers can advertise across all three sites.

Leaked memo suggests Yahoo is up for sale

Rumors that Yahoo was up for sale again boosted the firm's stock price towards the end of the week and a  leaked memo from cofounder Jerry Yang added fuel to the acquisition flames.

Youtube founders move onto next big thing

Chad Hurley and Steve Chen are diving into their next big project on the Internet.

Carol Bartz to walk with $14 million severance

Carol Bartz was ousted from her spot as CEO of Yahoo, but don't shed too many tears for her.

You’re so fired

When the news hit that Carol Bartz was fired from Yahoo, and terminated over the phone no less, it obviously conjured up a lot of bad memories for many people.

How Yahoo can be turned around

There is a unique skill to turning around a company. It requires pragmatism and an inherent toughness because, typically, you have to first cut the corporation down to a foundation you can build from.  

Yahoo CEO Bartz is fired

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz has been fired - by telephone. The move's a sudden one, with chief financial officer Tim Morse being named by the board as interim CEO while the company finds a permanent replacement.

Facebook to help test 'six degrees of separation'

In 1967, the Harvard sociologist Stanley Milgram conducted the experiment that led to what's become known as the 'six degrees of separation' theory.

Google falters in search 'success rate' study

There's no denying Google is the leader in online search, but a new study says only two out of three Google searches lead users to what they're looking for.