How did Yahoo beat Google in Website rankings in July

Hey, we aren't the only ones who are surprisde. But, according to the comScore Media Metrix service, Yahoo had 3 million more unique visitors in July than Google.  Apparently this vindicates Marissa Mayer, former Googler and presently CEO of Yahoo. And, frankly, it is mystifying. I mean, for the all the crap Yahoo has gotten these last few years and the notion that Mayer was a little bit of a dilettente, you can't argue with the numbers.

The Facebook and Yahoo CEOs: Dumb and dumber

If Facebook has a core demographic, it is probably the 12-22 year old user the platform was originally designed around. However, we’ve been hearing for some time that the above-mentioned demographic is likely tiring of the service.  

Yahoo-Tumblr deal is a goer

Yahoo's beleaguered board has written a rumoured $1.1 billion cheque to buy the social blogging site Tumblr.

Yahoo beaten up by the French

Search engine Yahoo has given up on a cunning plan to buy a majority stake in online video website Dailymotion after the French government said that it did not want the buyout to take place.

The late Steve Jobs becomes a manga hero

The former messiah of Apple, Steve Jobs, has been resurrected as a manga hero in Japan.

17-year old kid’s app gets bought for 10s of millions

A British kid has struck lucky after Yahoo bought his application for a figure reported to be in the 10s of millions of dollars.

Small businesses indifferent to web adverts

Small businesses don’t appear to be too interested in cheap web ads offered by Google, Yahoo, Facebook and other outfits. Although the ads are very cheap indeed, small businesses in the US are simply not going for them.

Social networking is essential for business

Businesses must work on fitting around a changing landscape known as "shareconomy" or risk being left behind, Ovum has warned. The analyst company said that in the future employees will face a different way of working life, never tethered to one location and able to share and access knowledge more easily.

Some thoughts on the Yahoo telecommute ban

I always thought the term "telecommuting" was funny. It’s obviously a relatively new word in the modern vernacular, where you’re working at home and you do a lot of communicating with your boss via phone and e-mail.

Yahoo revamps itself with site redesign

Yahoo's glory days have long since past, with the site playing second fiddle to Google for years now.

Election, iPhone 5 and Kim Kardashian top Yahoo searches

Yahoo has released its list of the most-searched terms for the year. The  list reveals that, unsurprisingly, we've been very interested in the US election - but have relaxed by following the Kardashians and dreaming of an iPhone 5.

Yahoo staff given free iPhone 5s

Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer is giving every staffer at the company an early Christmas present - an iPhone 5, or other smartphone.

Yahoo has a shot at powerful future with new CEO

Company co-founder Larry Page wasn't exactly one of the most qualified Mountain View executives to take over Google when Eric Schmidt stepped down as CEO.

Google's Marissa Mayer takes helm at Yahoo

Third time lucky, perhaps: Yahoo's hired yet another CEO, Google vice president Marissa Mayer.

Updated: Yahoo hack yields 435,000 passwords

Yahoo has kicked off an investigation into a hack and extract operation of its Voices website that apparently compromised over 435,000 accounts via an SQL Injection attack.

Yahoo logins hacked and leaked

A hacker group called D33D is claiming to have accessed more than 453,000 logins from Yahoo.

Claim: Facebook to "disappear" in 5-8 years 

A prominent financial analyst says he believes Facebook will lose most of its relevance in less than a decade.

World's largest password study sheds new insight

A new study into computer passwords finds results that might be surprising but might also be totally expected.

Yahoo enters browser market - but messes up with Chrome extension

Yahoo may have found something to distract from its rather high turnover of CEOs: a new browser plug-in aimed at simplifying search. Unfortunately, though, it's been a bit careless here too.

Yahoo CEO forced out over misleading resume

Yahoo has bowed to shareholder pressure and replaced Scott Thompson as CEO, after he was discovered to have falsified his degree on his resume.