Sony plans mobile announcement next Wednesday

Sony will be unveiling something new in its mobile division next week.

Sony Ericsson posts disappointing quarter

Despite major structural changes and an exclusive push to the Android OS, Sony Ericsson still posted a significant loss in the fourth quarter.

Sony Ericsson promises bold Ice Cream Sandwich plans

Every phone in Sony Ericsson's 2011 "Xperia" line will be getting an update to Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich.

Sony Ericsson introduces Live With Walkman phone

Sony Ericsson is hoping its new Walkman-branded phone will be the music equivalent of what its Xperia Play device was supposed to be for gaming.

Xperia Play grabs limited FIFA exclusivity

After sluggish sales, a lack of interest, and lost developer support, there's finally some good news for the fledgling Xperia Play.

Xperia Play drops to $100

After Sony Ericsson said its Xperia Play was in it for the long haul, Verizon has cut the price of the device to just $100.

Three new PS One Classics come to Xperia Play

The Xperia Play, known colloquially as the Playstation Phone, is getting new games.

New consoles, surprises, and damage control await at E3

Next week kicks off one of the biggest video game events in the world.

Xperia Play finally coming to US next week

Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play phone has finally been given a US release date.

Where the hell is Sony's Playstation phone?

So much for a "very early second quarter" release...

PlayStation games now available on Android Market

Multiple titles have been put up ahead of the Xperia Play launch.

Sony Ericsson announces bootloader commitment to all Xperia devices

If you're the kind of developer that likes to really tear into the heart of a device, Sony Ericsson has some awesome news.

Buggy Xperia Play delayed in Europe

Mobile customers wanting to get their game on with the unofficially dubbed "Playstation Phone" will have to wait a little longer.

GeoHot still stoked about cracking Sony's Xperia Play

Yes, the talented PS3 hacker known as GeoHot is currently vacationing in South America. However, contrary to what Sony wants you to believe, Hotz is just simply enjoying spring break.

We take the Xperia Play for a spin

I finally got my hands on Sony Ericsson's upcoming "PlayStation Phone," the Xperia Play, and after a solid play session I am hooked.

Xperia Play not exclusive to Verizon

If you were dying to get your hands on a new Xperia Play phone from Sony Ericsson, the device many are simply calling the "Playstation phone," but don't have or want Verizon's expensive service? Good news - it will be coming to other carriers.

Xperia Play owners will have to re-buy PlayStation content

If you were excited about the Xperia Play's ability to run classic PS One downloadable games, there's a bit of a disappointment - you'll have to repurchase any games that you already bought.

Sony Ericsson unveils Neo, details Play

Although its most recently announced phone is called Neo, it's not "the one" most people are paying attention to at this week's Mobile World Congress, as the unofficially-named "PlayStation phone" is on mass display for the first time.

Elusive PlayStation Phone gets previewed

The elusive Sony PlayStation Phone - henceforth known as the "Xperia Play" - has finally been captured and reviewed.