Sony Xperia phones get Jelly Bean schedule

Sony has provided a specific rollout schedule for when its Xperia phones will be getting the push to Android 4.1.

Sony Xperia T not getting Jelly Bean in 2012

Another phone has been confirmed for a Jelly Bean upgrade in 2013.

2011 Xperia phones will not get Jelly Bean

Bad news if you have a Sony Xperia phone that was released last year.

Xperia Ion to get Ice Cream Sandwich this week

Sony's Xperia Ion will be getting Android 4.0 this week.

Call of Duty: Zombies comes to all of Android

After being exclusively available on Sony's Xperia devices, the ambitious Call of Duty spin-off has spread its wings.

Next-gen Sony Xperia tablet is hella slick

Rumors began circulating last month that Sony was prepping a slick new Android-powered tablet with a September launch date in mind.

Sony backpeddles on Jelly Bean promises

Sony is taking back statements it made about the next Android update for its smartphone line.

Sony's 2011 Xperia phones might get Jelly Bean

Sony's line of Xperia phones from last year might be eligible for the latest version of Android.

Report: Sony prepping Xperia tablet for Sept launch

Sony is reportedly planning to build on its increasingly strong "Xperia" brand in its next foray into the tablet market.

Sony Xperia Ion promotion begins

Sony is ready to tout its flagship smartphone the Xperia Ion.

Sony Mobile to launch $99 Xperia Ion June 24

One of the first major launches by the newly branded Sony Mobile will be targeting an under-targeted crowd.

Sony unveils Xperia miro, Xperia tipo

Sony has just revealed the two latest additions to its Xperia product line.

Sony Xperia S next to get Ice Cream Sandwich

The very first Sony Mobile Communications phone will be the very next phone to get Android 4.0.

Sony's NFC-friendly Xperia sola phone

Sony has just unveiled the Xperia sola, a phone that it describes as having a "touch of magic."

Sony shows off two new Xperia phones

At the Mobile World Congress in Spain this week, Sony is showcasing two new Android phones in its Xperia line.

Sony Ericsson on Ice Cream Sandwich plans

Sony Ericsson, which has provided one of the most ambitious Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade promises to date, has released more details on the process and when it's set to begin.

Sony Ericsson promises bold Ice Cream Sandwich plans

Every phone in Sony Ericsson's 2011 "Xperia" line will be getting an update to Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich.

Xperia X10 updated to Android 2.3

The rest of Sony Ericsson's Xperia line has kind of been brushed aside since the Xperia Play was announced, but make no mistake that they're still on everyone's radar.

PlayStation phone becomes official during Super Bowl

Now we know why Sony has been so cagey about confirming the so-called "PlayStation phone" and didn't even say anything about it at CES last month. It was planning a big reveal via a Super Bowl commercial.

Sony Ericsson may be planning a Windows Phone 7 phone

Sony Ericsson wants to be the #1 global maker of Android phones, but now it looks like it will have its eyes elsewhere as a report suggests the company will start producing Windows Phone 7 devices as well.