Video: Dual booting the Kindle Fire

An XDA-Dev member has managed to mod the FireFireFire Extended Bootloader so that it can be used to dual-boot Amazon's popular Kindle Fire tablet. 

Video: Kindle Fire eats an Ice Cream Sandwich

An XDA-Dev member has managed to install Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4) on Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet.

Video: How to play Tegra games without Tegra

Nvidia's Tegra is truly one tricked-out processor that supports some of the latest and greatest Android games. But what if you wanted to play next-gen titles on older, non-Tegra hardware?

Video: Ubuntu crash lands on Samsung's Galaxy Tab

A talented XDA-Dev team member has managed to boot Ubuntu Linux on Samsung's Galaxy-class Tab.

Universal root arrives on Android

Xda-dev member Shaka Huang (aka shakalaca) has coded an (almost) universal rooting utility for Android smartphones.