Xbox Music to start rolling out tomorrow

Microsoft has released details of its Xbox Music service, offering access to around 30 million songs worldwide.

Report: Xbox 720 launch may be delayed by chip shortages

Recent reports indicate that the launch of Microsoft's next-gen Xbox 720 may be delayed due to chip shortages.

Kinect PlayFit dashboard lands in the US

Two of Microsoft's biggest hardware successes have (thus far) targeted gamers: the popular Xbox 360 game console and Kinect accessory.

Judge recommends Xbox 360 ban

An International Trade Commission judge has recommended that US imports of Microsoft's Xbox 360 S console should be halted and products pulled from the shelves.

Microsoft job ad hints at Skype for Xbox

Perhaps it wasn't intentional, but Microsoft has announced that it is bringing Skype to the Xbox platform.

Rumor: 16-core CPU to power Xbox 720

A new report claims that Microsoft's Xbox 720 will be powered by an advanced 16-core CPU.

Microsoft posts, quickly pulls Xbox 720 job ads

It's not like we needed confirmation that a new Xbox was in the works, but recent Microsoft job listings shed some light into potential details.

Halo 4 will be dark and gritty

If you're an Xbox gamer, well, odds are you have played at least one iteration of the wildly popular Halo franchise.

It's the Xbox's 10th anniversay

It was 10 years ago today that Microsoft captured the attention of gamers all around the world with a game console that would change the landscape of the industry. slated for sweeping facelift

No doubt as a way to correspond with the large changes coming to the Xbox 360 console itself, Microsoft is planning to bring a bundle of new features to its Xbox website.

Bad Teacher tries new secondary market format

Secondary markets have been a big boon to the movie business - even though the major studios were initially against the VCR way back when.

Microsoft firms up deal for live TV on Xbox

If you get your TV through Verizon or Comcast, you'll soon be able to channel surf from the comfort of your Xbox 360.

Future of print video game magazines looks bleak

The next time you see Nintendo Power or The Official Xbox Magazine at a newsstand, don't take it for granted.

Microsoft set to take Xbox 360 to 3D

Microsoft is rumored to be working on an update to the Xbox 360 that will focus on bringing 3D content to the platform.

New robot designed to rescue trapped miners

A new robot designed to search out trapped miners in the event of an accident can navigate through 18 inches of water, crawl over boulders and rubble piles, and move in ahead of rescuers to evaluate dangerous environments.

Qualcomm hopes to make game consoles obsolete

Technology advancement is a path, rather than a destination. Unfortunately, the road is long, rocky and has no speed limit. 

Rumor: Next Xbox coming E3 2012

We didn't see it materialize last week as some had hoped.

Tablet pioneer and Xbox veteran bids adieu to Microsoft

Tablet pioneer and Xbox veteran Otto Berkes resigned from Microsoft earlier this week after a long and distinguished career at Redmond.

Report: New console cycle to kick off in 2014

Microsoft and Sony are reportedly preparing to kick off a new console cycle in 2014. 

However, Nintendo will likely launch its next-gen console two years earlier in 2012.

Xbox Live Points scam costs Microsoft $1.2 million

An online scam went viral over the weekend, allowing users to manipulate a proprietary website to generate free Microsoft Points.