The Gaming Exec Exodus

While it’s often hard to tell how the gaming market can do, we at TGD think this could be a strong year for games, even with the market’s often abrupt transition periods. And there may be more change in the air as gaming shifts from physical consoles to streaming.

Titanfall About to Explode

There’s certain video game titles that you know are going to be blockbusters when they’re finally unleashed on the world. Another Halo game? Natch. Call of Duty? Ditto. But what about Titanfall?

Seth Rogen Takes on the Console Wars

We at TGD often call the battle between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 the console wars, but there were console wars long before this of course, like when Sega and Nintendo went head to head back in the ‘90’s. Now this particular console war is up to be made into a movie, and Seth Rogan is onboard.

Twitch integration could be a game changer for Xbox One

Xbox One is getting Twitch integration to coincide with the release of the cool looking game Titan Fall (I haven’t played it yet).  

Console Sales Are Up Thanks to PlayStation 4 and XboxOne

The console wars really heated up during the holiday, and as we reported here on TGD, there was a surprising twist in the new year. PlayStation 4, who were originally behind in the race, ultimately came out ahead. Where Xbox One was considered a more versatile unit, the hardcore gamers helped drive PlayStation 4’s sales to the top. 

Sales data shows Xbox One beat PS4 in US December 2013 sales

The overall worldwide tally may still favor Sony, but Microsoft can take solace that on home territory it held the competition at bay.

Can Video Games Get You In Shape?

It’s very easy to get addicted to playing video games, and much time can pass where you’re just sitting there, jerking a joystick, and being immobile. But will that one day change? Can somebody come up more ways to stay active while gaming? 

And the Winner of the Console Wars Is...

We’re now almost ten days into the new year, and the verdict is in on what we’ve been calling the console wars between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And it’s a bit of a surprising verdict, because one console was definitely ahead of the game a month ago, but the tortoise may have beaten the hare this time. 

Microsoft almost ditched discs for the Xbox One

Microsoft almost gave discs and optical drives the heave-ho in the final month leading up to the Xbox One’s launch.

Xbox Series To Launch Next Year

Amazon and Netflix are doing it, so why shouldn’t Xbox have series as well? Makes sense, right? And rumor has it, the first series could be Halo.

Teen dad spends $750 on picture of Xbox One

In what appears to be a cautionary tale about reading eBay auction bids very carefully, a teen dad has complained after he spent $750 (£458) on what he thought was an Xbox One console.

PlayStation 4 Looking To Gain Speed This Holiday

Okay, so Xbox One is the current leader in the console wars, but Xmas is just around the corner, and this should be the real test for who comes out the winner. In fact, Sony’s making a big push to try and bring PlayStation 4 up to speed. 

How Technology Fared on Black Friday

I think all of us knew that Black Friday would be a big day for technology, and it was certainly a crucial day for the console wars. What were the best deals on Black Friday, and who came out the winner in the console wars?

Xbox One Sells Out First Day On Sale

Xbox One just came out on November 22, and it completely sold out, sending a strong shot across the bow in what we call the console wars. Xbox One is trying to appeal to more people than gamers, and even though it costs $100 more than Sony PlayStation, it looks like Xbox One has reached their goal. 

The futility of comparing Xbox One to PS4

There is no direct comparison between the two consoles. You can't do it on features. You can't do it on games. You can't do it based on any objective criteria. You need to just pick one and play the hell out of it. Why is that so hard?

Xbox One Goes For Wider Appeal

So the console wars have officially started, and even with the factory defect issues, PlayStation 4 got off to a great start, selling a million units the first day in stores. This week, Xbox One will hit stores, and where PlayStation is trying directly for gamers, Xbox One is striving for a wider audience. 

The Console Wars Are About to Begin

We all know that new technology can have a huge impact on our lives. Think about what our lives were like before and after the VCR, home computers, e-mail, and the internet. Now new gaming consoles are about to hit the market, and two rival companies, Sony and Microsoft, are about to do battle for your Xmas dollar. 

Three Xbox 360 2013 holiday bundles underwhelm

  A 250 GB, $299.99 version; a 4 GB with Kinect at $299.99; a $399.99 250 GB and Kinect monstrosity. They each include a select pack of less then stellar games. US retailers will offer a $50 rebate, but Microsoft is going to launch the Xbox One in November, and Sony has the PS4. Microsoft could have done better.

Are you ready for some Xbox One?! Here's the first ad

The new Xbox One ad has hit the airwaves in the US to coincide with the beginning of the NFL season. We may be wrong, but it looks more like an ad for a consumer PC experience. Ah, remember the living room PC? It's like deja vu all over again.

Yay! Console Smackdown: PS4 launching Nov 15 and Xbox One November-ish

Round 1 to Sony which has momentum on its side with a solid launch date for the PS4, a clear upgrade and downgrade path for older, newer, whatever games and consoles and gizmos. And a pretty stellar line up of launch titles. Meanwhile, Microsoft kind of is there, but kind of isn't firm enough with its intentions. But MS did talk up its stellar launch titles at Gamescon 2013. It's all about the game. So, we won't hate on the playahs.