Xbox Live accounts hacked by FIFA fans

A swath of Xbox Live users have been subjected to a sweeping - and oddly specific - hacking attack.

Microsoft buys another indie game maker

Further expanding its library of independent game developers, Microsoft has scooped up a studio called Twisted Pixel.

Xbox update today may pave way for tomorrow

There's an Xbox Live update hitting your Xbox 360 console today but it won't change anything - at least, nothing you can see.

"Human error" causes Xbox Live outage

Did someone accidentally trip over the master Xbox Live power cable at Microsoft's headquarters?

MS blames 'software issue' for unjust Xbox bans

Microsoft is apologizing for banning numerous Xbox Live accounts because they were inaccurately flagged for illegal activity.

Xbox Live in Windows 8 is huge for Microsoft

Microsoft is poised to make Xbox Live the most universally acceptable online gaming platform in the world.

Video: Crysis modded for Xbox Live and PSN

Although it may seem like sheer blasphemy to some, Crytek will be modifying and "enhancing" the original Crysis for players on Xbox Live and the Sony Playstation network.

Microsoft faces class-action Xbox Live lawsuit

Microsoft is coming under fire for its questionable billing practices related to Xbox Live.

Microsoft denies Xbox Live cloud rumors

Microsoft is denying speculation that its promised cloud storage service for Xbox Live has been rolled out ahead of schedule.

Microsoft to allow Xbox Live payments via Paypal

Next week, you'll be able to use your Paypal account to purchase content on your Xbox 360 system.

Hulu Plus launches on Xbox Live

If you have an Xbox 360 and a premium Xbox Live Gold subscription, you can now watch Hulu Plus on your TV.

Xbox changes 'indie games' voting structure

Microsoft has changed the way it promotes titles on its "Xbox Live Indie Games" channel.

Microsoft Kinect developer seeks world record

Most game developers just want to see their name on a top-selling title. This company has a little something more in its sights.

Microsoft eyes free-to-play Xbox Live games

The increasingly popular "freemium" business model for mobile and PC games may be coming to the Xbox 360 in a big way.

Microsoft checks out indie game vote-rigging claims

Microsoft's investigating claims that some users have been manipulating the service by posting false ratings for games in its Xbox Live Indie Games (XLBIG) section.

Xbox Live Points scam costs Microsoft $1.2 million

An online scam went viral over the weekend, allowing users to manipulate a proprietary website to generate free Microsoft Points.

Microsoft won't sell a dedicated portable game device

Microsoft has confirmed it has no interest in selling any sort of portable Xbox, and will instead focus all of its mobile gaming energy to the new Windows Phone 7 platform.

When will Sony's PlayStation Network stop bleeding money?

The PS3's online service is completely free. So how does it make money? It doesn't. But now, thanks to some new decisions from Sony, it may actually be able to start turning a profit.

Blizzard skeptical about Xbox 360 for MMOs

Blizzard, the company that pays its way in the world via Starcraft and World of Warcraft subscription fees, said it could be interested in bringing its MMO prowess to the Xbox 360, but wasn't sure the console could handle it.

Xbox 360 wants to double as a cable box

Your Xbox 360 can already play movies, TV shows, games, music, and other online content, but now Microsoft is looking to take it a step further.