Say, what?! Xbox Live Gold free this weekend?

Microsoft, a company whose heart grew 3 sizes in anticipation of Valentine's Day, is giving away free access to all gameplay. Not for anyone but US and Canadian gamers, though.

Microsoft updates Xbox 360 interface

A new version of the Xbox 360 firmware is on the way.

Xbox users said Biden won VP debate

Of the undecided voters who watched Thursday night's vice presidential debate, more people chose incumbent Joe Biden as the winner of the night.

Microsoft: MS Points will remain on Xbox

Don't get your hopes up; Microsoft Points are not going away on Xbox Live.

Microsoft might be ditching Microsoft Points

If you still can’t figure how much that Zune download or Call of Duty map pack costs in actual US currency, there might be some hope for you.

Xbox Live users: Romney won debate

It seems that Xbox Live users were on the same page as all the political pundits on Wednesday night.

New Xbox Live Rewards program offers discounts

Microsoft will begin offering discounts for players who prove their loyalty to the Xbox community.

Yes, DayZ is headed to Xbox Live

We at TG are definitely stoked about the upcoming stand-alone DayZ title - which evolved from a humble Arma II mod to one of the most popular FPS Zombie games on the PC.

Windows 8 Xbox launch games revealed

For the first time, a new Microsoft operating system will launch with a slew of new video games.

Microsoft experiments with free-to-play on Xbox Live

The video game industry is currently experimenting with a number of free-to-play models, and Microsoft is no exception.

New beta testers wanted for Xbox Dashboard

Microsoft is planning another sweeping overhaul of the Xbox 360 menu interface, and it needs your help to test it.

Silent Hill compilation woes lead to free game

Konami's compilation of classic Silent Hill titles is so bad, the company is offering free content to those who purchased it.

Gamestop mulls selling "used" digital games


Xbox Live update partially detailed

Among the enhancements to the next Xbox 360 firmware update will be the addition of an Internet Explorer browser.

Mass Effect 3: Earth DLC hits July 17th

Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb confirms Mass Effect 3: Earth DLC will roll out on July 17 for Xbox Live and the PC.

PS3 owners buy the most digital content

More than 15% of PS3 owners have paid for a piece of digital content on their console.

Xbox 360 latest firmware pushed to all consoles

The latest version of the Xbox 360 software has gone live.

Microsoft teases Xbox Live rewards program

You might soon be rewarded for racking up those achievements in your Xbox 360 games.

Preliminary Xbox Live update rolls out

With E3 just closing a few days ago, Microsoft is already pushing a new console update.

Report: Xbox music service in the works

Microsoft may be unveiling a streaming music platform for the Xbox 360 at E3 in June.