PS4, Xbox 720 to have Avatar-style graphics

If you thought the graphics in the movie Avatar were good, you won't be disappointed in the next console generation.

Bethesda says no rush for Xbox 720, PS4

Unlike the insatiable consumer crowd, Bethesda is in no hurry to see the next generation of game consoles.

GameStop not expecting both Xbox 720 & PS4 next year

With the next iteration of Nintendo's Wii expected to launch in the next couple months, the question that everyone is already asking is when the next Xbox and PlayStation products will hit the shelves.

Analyst: Xbox 720 may be delayed by "overwhelming" demand

A prominent industry analyst has confirmed that Microsoft may delay the launch of its next-gen Xbox 720 console to accommodate "overwhelming" demand.

EA: Don't expect new IP on PS3, Xbox 360

If you were hoping for a brand new Electronic Arts franchise, don't hold your breath.

"Whore of the Orient" confirmed for PS4/Xbox 720

One of the first multi-platform titles for the next console generation has been announced.

25 years later, a new Microsoft logo

For a significant amount of its customer base, Microsoft is unveiling a new logo for the first time in their lifetime.

EA exec confirms seeing PS4 and Xbox 720

Electronic Arts Labels president Frank Gibeau says he has seen the next home console from both Sony and Microsoft.

Xbox 720 dev kit sells for $20,100 on eBay

A purported Xbox 720 developers kit has sold for a cool $20,100 on eBay after racking up a total of 43 bids.

Alleged Kinect 2 details hit the ‘Net

The man who famously leaked the first images of the Xbox 720 Durango dev kit has tipped up again with what appears to be a development program for Kinect 2. 

Xbox 720 due before 2014, will have Skype

We're getting yet another case of Xbox 720 rumor fever.

Crytek wants an Xbox 720 STAT

Crytek founder and CEO Cevat Yerli says the next generation of consoles from industry heavyweights such as Microsoft (Xbox 720) and Sony (PS4) is long overdue.

Will Microsoft’s Xbox 720 run Windows 8?

Specs and details pertaining to Redmond's upcoming Xbox 720 console remain understandably scarce. 

Durango Xbox 720 dev kit may be the real deal

A mysterious looking Xbox 720 development kit recently offered for sale online at a cool $10,000 may be real the deal after all.

Microsoft posts another Xbox 720 job ad

There is yet another blurb coming through official Microsoft channels about the next version of the Xbox.

Signs point to 2014 for PS4

While almost everyone believes the Xbox 720 will launch next year, the PS3 has at least another year in it.

Analyst predicts $99 Xbox 720

Video game analyst Michael Pacther says that we're more than likely to see the next Xbox come in at a cool $99 price point - with a catch.

Square Enix wants next-gen consoles now

Publishing giant Square Enix thinks it is wrong for Sony and Microsoft to extend their console life cycles.

Digital future seen for next-gen consoles

Will Sony's Playstation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox 720 consoles fail if they do not adopt a digital distribution model? 

Xbox 720 might get cable company subsidies

It's possible that when you go to the store to pick up an Xbox 720, you'll pay less than you did for your Xbox 360.