Hype begins for Resident Evil 6

Details of the newest entry in the Resident Evil franchise have begun to come forward.

Xbox update causes video problems

Concerns are being raised that Microsoft's latest Xbox 360 update intentionally scaled back video playback quality.

Microsoft tech exec shifts focus to Xbox

A Microsoft guru who was in charge of high-end networking stuff in the Windows division is now coming to the Xbox team.

Xbox Live security under scrutiny

New concerns have risen about Xbox Live user security, but Microsoft says there's nothing to worry about.

Xbox Live users topple 40 million

The number of Xbox 360 consoles that have been sold is now over 66 million, Microsoft confirmed.

Rumor: Xbox 720 to have DVR functionality

Now that the Xbox 360 is essentially a virtual cable box, many are asking what's next?

Crysis 2, Gears of War 3 among 2011's most pirated

TorrentFreak has just released its report on the most pirated games of 2011.

Microsoft to ban virtual guns on Xbox Live

The right to bear arms does not extend into the world of virtual game console avatars.

No fix yet for mass Xbox Live error

For some, the recent major update to the Xbox 360 hasn't been all fun and games.

Vudu comes to Xbox Live

There's yet another streaming video option that has made its way to the Xbox 360.

Rumor: Xbox 720 in 2013

The next iteration of Microsoft's home gaming console will be a reality in 2013, according to the latest report.

Game consoles credited with video streaming explosion

More people than ever are watching Netflix and other video streaming services from their game consoles.

Youtube comes to Xbox

Microsoft has just added another notch to its list of reasons why you never have to leave the Xbox Live interface.

Microsoft offers free "Xbox Live Gold Weekend"

If you're one of those casual Xbox 360 owners who doesn't care for the annual fee of Xbox Live Gold, this weekend's for you.

Xbox Dashboard Update rollout begins tomorrow

Microsoft will starting rolling out the anticipated major firmware update to the Xbox 360 tomorrow.

Gamepro becomes latest magazine casualty

Gamepro, one of the longest running video game magazines, has ceased its operations effective immediately.

Xbox 360 live TV service adds Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios has been added to the list of TV providers that will support the Xbox 360's impending launch of live TV service.

Microsoft boasts "biggest week in Xbox history"

It appears to have been a killer start to the holiday shopping season for the Xbox 360.

ESRB finally offers mobile ratings, without Android, iPhone

After years of trying to rediscover itself in a world that is no longer monopolized by packaged retail video games, the ESRB will now rate mobile apps.

Xbox 360 Dashboard update: December 6

It's a little later than most gamers expected, but the massive update to Xbox 360 consoles will hit in the first week of December.